The Definitive Manual for Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door springs play a pivotal role in maintaining the equilibrium of a garage door, facilitating its smooth movement—whether operated manually or automatically. Fabricated from high-tension steel, these springs have a finite lifespan and gradually lose their efficacy over time. They come in various usage categories such as ‘10,000-use’ or ‘20,000-use.’ While these figures may seem substantial at first glance, a closer evaluation reveals that a typical garage door is opened and closed four to five times daily, justifying the higher usage thresholds.

Signs Indicating the Need for Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken Spring Replacement:

When a spring breaks, it’s time for a prompt replacement. Trust us to replace your broken springs with high-quality, durable components, restoring your garage door’s functionality.

Reduced Effectiveness Over Time

As a garage door ages, its effectiveness diminishes. The steel loses resiliency, causing the door to become heavier. When the springs are new, a mere 10 pounds of force can effortlessly lift and open the door. However, as the springs approach the end of their lifespan, owners must exert more force to lift the door—almost equal to the door’s weight.

Straining Electric Door Opener

Aging springs increase the burden on a garage door opener. If you notice your electric door opener straining as it attempts to open the door, it’s a clear sign that a spring repair is in order.

Risk of Sudden Breakage

Aging door springs pose a potential threat as they can cause substantial damage if they break unexpectedly. The breakage typically occurs when the spring is fully loaded, twisted, or stretched to its maximum tension. A broken spring makes the door exceptionally heavy when opened manually, rendering the automatic garage door opener ineffective.

Do You Require Professional Assistance?

n the realm of home improvement, the cardinal rule is to entrust garage door spring repair to professionals. While a proficient homeowner equipped with the necessary tools and a basic understanding of mechanical systems may attempt replacement, the procedure is intricate. Multiple steps must be executed in a specific sequence, and ensuring the use of the correct-sized replacement ring is crucial. A minor error can lead to severe complications, resulting in substantial expenses.

Our expert team is meticulously trained and proficient in completing the garage door spring repair process within one to two hours. We assure the utilization of high-quality springs, prioritizing the longevity and efficiency of your garage door.

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